Lake Clark Pass

The flight to Port Alsworth and the headquarters for Lake Clark National Park from Anchorage goes right through Lake Clark Pass. It is one of the most scenic and breathtaking flights you may ever take and while pictures can never do it justice, words are even more inadequate.

20220506 175440
Flying to Lake Clark in the winter

The mountains are towering high, the snow never melting. The cliffs are sheer and jagged. The glaciers are awe-inspiring. With so much snow and ice, there are always streams coming down the cliff faces, creating beautiful waterfalls.

20211012 161725
A glacier in Lake Clark Pass
20200807 203753
Deep groove torn into the land by a glacier
20200807 202707
Stream coming down a mountain face

Flying through, you can often see larger wildlife such as bear and moose along the rivers and small lakes in the valleys. Then as you come out the other side, you can see Little Lake Clark with the mud flats separating it from Lake Clark. If flying low, you can see the false cave behind the huge waterfall going into the side of Little Lake Clark. You will then go over the islands at the beginning of Lake Clark, be able to see the valley Current Creek runs out of, Kijik river, Tommy Island, and finally Port Alsworth across Hardinburgh bay at the base of Tanalian Mountain.

20220506 180914
Coming through the Pass to Lake Clark – Little Lake Clark back to the Left, Lake Clark ahead to the Right

Guests of Sailing Lake Clark will want to enjoy the trip as much as possible and take in all the amazing beauty. If you are prone to motion sickness, make sure to take something for it before your flight. Once you get over Lake Clark, try to identify as many of the places you will be visiting on the catamaran, and hiking around as you can.